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Established in 1997, Black Gold responded to the petroleum industry's need for emergency preparedness and safety services. Black Gold is an industry leading consulting company that focuses on providing professional expertise in the area of emergency management, business continuity planning, security planning, release rate determination, engineering support, field services, hearing support, GIS mapping, regulatory approvals, and emergency response training.

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Black Gold specializes in the customization of viable and effective emergency response plans that provide meaningful and clear protection measures for responders and area stakeholders. Through solid management practices and the employment of new technology the company continues to earn the respect of clients, government agencies, and area stakeholders.

Black Gold operates a corporate head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The head office operations are supported by fully trained employees and professional contractors. Skilled personnel travel throughout North America and work abroad to facilitate emergency preparedness and emergency response related projects.

Black Gold Emergency Planners Inc. diligently maintains its "Certificate of Recognition" (COR) and the company is a proud participant in the "Partnerships in Injury Reduction" program. In keeping with the principles of "Partnerships", Black Gold has developed and implemented an occupational health and safety program and meets the standard for "Partnerships" through an independent evaluation of its health and safety program.